I live with Eczema.

I was around 6 years old when my Eczema flared up for the first time. I had hives of sort - it was very itchy and watery. I remember a little that my mom took me to an "albularyo" and told us that I disturbed a "duwende" and the remedy that was given to me... Continue Reading →

Hi everyone! It's been months since I have last written on my blog. You can say that I have lost touch lately and I have been struggling in doing things. I feel sluggish for most part. I won't be adding any title on this blog as I really don't intend to make this an official... Continue Reading →

I uploaded my first Vlog! o_o

My Make-Up Routine x Lakas Loob Vlog. <3 <3 This is my routine, AND yes, I didn't do my eyebrows & eyeliner because I can't do them evenly. But most of the time, this is my real daily routine. Please watch and I hope you enjoy the video as much as I did. :) #MyMOABeautyVlog... Continue Reading →

First time to try disposable camera

Second film roll up! This time I tried using a disposable camera, which I am very curious about. It does work like the usual instant film camera. I got mine from Analogique PH during the Sharendipity event by ShareMovement PH, which I also used that very day. Okay, so what I got is a Fujifilm Simple... Continue Reading →

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