I’m still alive & film’s not dead either!

Hi guys! So it’s been a year since I last posted anything. Huhuhu. Been busy with other stuff lately but I will definitely try to update once in a while starting today. :D

So what I have been up to lately? Ever since the launch of Polaroid’s One Step 2 camera recently, I have been wanting to shoot in film again. I really really wanted a polaroid but the price isn’t being cooperative with my wallet right now. I also used to shoot in film for a very short period of time before I started using Dslr in our Photography subject. (I am not a Pro in photography but I definitely love doing it for fun.)
Then I remembered that mom has a Canon TLB Slr somewhere, it’s very old and rusty. I can see specks of dusts and dirt through the viewfinder. The battery for the light meter is no longer available because it uses a mercury battery. Fortunately, the shutter mechanism can be used without battery! Yay! So I bought a roll of film and downloaded the “Light meter for Photo” app, which I used to estimate the aperture and the shutter speed to be used.

Camera: Canon TLb SLR
Lens: 55mm 1.8/f
Film: Fujicolor C200
LightMeter: Light Meter App for Photo

Sample shots from my first roll.
Developing by: Sunny16 Lab
I had my film picked up at Satchmi U.P. Town Center.
Their cut-off is at every friday at 5:00PM. (3-4 days processing)
They email you the scanned photos & you pick up the negatives in Satchmi again. :)


And that’s it for this entry.  Hope you enjoyed it! :)
Until next blog, bye! <3


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