Maka tries to unbox: Simple Skincare

Never sleep with your make up on and keep your skin hydrated & moisturized with #SimpleSkinPH #KeepitSimple

Bellas’ Day Out!

I have been a subscriber of the Belle De Jour beauty box a couple of years back, I stopped because the boxes kept getting sold out. As in those boxes sells like pancakes! Few weeks back, I found out that they have this Beauty Bootcamp event, Glam Indulgence. So why not try to see the... Continue Reading →

Beaute Centrale – Total Salon Experience

If you are following me on my instagram account, you probably would remember that I won a 10 - Services package from Beaute Centrale! Isn't it great? I was actually planning to get my hair treated and was looking for a nice salon at that time. A little background about the salon, I actually found... Continue Reading →

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