The ToyCon Experience 2015


Toys are not just for kids, I believe that toys are created to constantly remind us of our childhood. So together with my friends, we went to Philippine’s Toy Convention earlier this day – TO HUNT TOYS! Yes. We were excited and all. Turns out we are all geeks inside. :D It was a non-stop walking around the convention hall for us!

I actually went there for the comics, I am in search of The Sandman series. I want my collection to have the per issue copies. Although, the collected edition sounds good too, but I really really want the issues #1-90. Please tell me I still have hope in collecting them! :(( So far, I found only few The Sandman comics. I opted to buy The Sandman: The Doll’s House #13-16, For only Php 50 each! Yay! If you know shops where I can buy these, please let me know. :)


Oh yeah, I also got lucky because Elmer Damaso was there, together with some Komikon peeps. I spotted CAT’S TRAIL REWIND! :) The story has been re-booted? I think or revamp of sort. I can’t wait to read it.
I used to read Cat’s Trail in Culture Crash Comics. Unfortunately, it has been discontinued for some unknown reason.
If ever you are interested in a copy of Culture Crash Comics, I spotted one issue copy at Comic Quest, Megamall. 

Around we go the conventions halls and the function rooms for the exhibits. The exhibits were too cluttered, I mean the glass cases were full of toys! *SPAZZ!* There were Legos, Gundams, Dolls, FunkoPop, Customized, Sculpted and so on. I can’t breathe while I was inside. Just take a look at the photos below:

I didn’t buy any figures, but I got myself a bunny plushie/coin purse and my bestfriend got me a Gloomy Bunny stuff toy! So cute, I WANT MORE! Maybe next year or in the next convention. :”> Time to save up!

The cast of Tanods of TV5 were there in the afternoon. That’s Solomon, Lilibeth, Capt. Roger and Satriani, from left to right – I hope I got them right. :)) You can watch the episodes on their Facebook Page.


And that sums up my ToyCon visit this year, with my ultimate office-toy-hunting friends! :) Not complete.

The Toy Hunting Team!

You can still visit the convention tomorrow, June 21, 2015 – It’s their last day! 

Oh I forgot, here’s a little photo of me being SO happy on my #AttackOnTitanPh snapshot. I wish I won a ticket or two though. Hahaha! It’s going to be in cinemas on August 12, 2015. I can’t wait!


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