Balesin Island Trip

I got lucky and just had an amazing weekend. Thanks to our boss who took us to Balesin Island. I had no idea that the place is a great summer destination. 

I think, the only way to get there is via CAAP Hanger. It was a 30 minutes ride from Manila.
This was my first time to ride on a plane soooo I must take photos! Hahaha!



And when we got there, these are some of the views that welcomed us.

The island has 7 villages, each with unique themes;
Balesin, Mykonos, Phuket, Bali, St. Tropez, Toscana and Costa Del Sol.

The island has the most beautiful sunset I have seen.
We watch the sunset at the Bali village, a perfect spot.

Photos of the beach. <3

And of course, the trip won’t be completed without me sketching anything! :)

It’s really an amazing trip even though we only stayed there for a night.

All photos are © Makaillustrates and may not be use at any form without my consent.
There is no harm in asking for permission. <3

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