Bantayan Island, Cebu

SURPRISE! Yup, this trip was a surprise present for me last February 2016. It was a ticket going to Cebu – The Queen City of the South. I was very excited when I found it out because there are so many things to do in Cebu – like the City Tour, Island hopping, Canyoneering, Relax, etc. But because I am not up for an adventure at the moment, plus it will cost up double because we are not a big group – We chose to stay at the Bantayan Island. The island was located at the Northern part of Cebu. We had to ride a bus going to Hagnayan Port and a ferry going to the Island proper. 

But first let me share with you my experience with our Cebu Pacific Air, our ticket was from a promo. When we arrived to Terminal 4, we found out that our flight got cancelled because of limitations (I don’t fully understand though). My heart broke for a second there, I thought that our trip will not push through anymore. But Cebu PAC offered us to re-book or get a refund without penalty. Luckily, there’s a flight with available seats and also earlier than our original flight. This is why you shouldn’t be late on any appointments, you will never know if there will be any sudden changes. The Cebu PAC staff were so fast to assist us. They gave us a ride via airport shuttle to transfer on terminal 3. Whew! So that was a first for me. I think if I am to fly alone and this happened…I wouldn’t know what to do. Haha.

Since it is my first commercial flight, I just have to take this mandatory take off photo. :D Oh the city lights makes me happy every time. <3

We arrived in Cebu around 8pm, it was a short and smooth flight, but of course I haven’t tried any other domestic flights to compare my experience with. Since we are not familiar with the place, we had to use Google Maps every now and then. The people are friendly and nice.

We did stay in the city for one night, went to The North Bus Terminal at around 6am. We took the Air-conditioned Ceres bus going to the Hagnayan Port. The bus left at 7am and we arrived at the port around 11:00am. It was a 4 hr long trip, I don’t know why because when I read some blog post prior to our trip, it only took them 2.5hr. :(( The ferry ride was around 1 hr and 45 mins to Bantayan Island.
We arrived in Bantayan Island around 1:00 pm. Took a tricycle going to Kota Beach Resort where we stayed for 3D/2N.

Ceres Air-Conditioned Bus – Php 160.00/head
Hagnayan Port Ferry Ride   – Php 170.00
Tricycle Ride to Kota Beach Resort – Php 20.00/head
For the accommodation rates please check –

When we arrived at the resort here is the view that welcomed us from the lobby. Love the resort’s beach front! They even have a sandbar during low tides. These photos were taken using my phone camera and my Fujifilm X30. Please do not use it without my permission. I love to share the view with guys, so you know what to expect in case you are visiting the island.

This is how the sandbar looks like when it’s low tide. :D Foot prints!!untitled-154348untitled-154356untitled-165546

This is the Kota Beach Resort’s view from the sandbar. Isn’t pretty?

In the island, there’s a place they called, “M.J. Square”. PLEASE VISIT THE BANTAYAN BURRITO COMPANY there. They have the best burrito and quesadillas! I don’t have a photos of the food because we ate there at night time. But here’s the signage and the menu for your guidance. They also have a great drink, I forgot what it’s called but tasted like rum coke. If you are not a fan of alcoholic drinks, there is SHAKE ME, two shops away from them.


Some of the food we ate in Bantayan Island. Most of the restos were in one street. So I guess you can use Google maps like we did. Also, no need to ride a tricycle from Kota Beach Resort, except if you are feeling lazy. It’s just a 5-8 mins walk from the resort.
This seafood platter was from the Blue Ice Bar, and the Danggit Breakfast is from CouCou Bar. We also had pizza from Caffe Del Mare (not in the photo). They have a great tasting pizza for only Php 395!
I wanted to try the famous Giordano’s Bakery but it was closed and will re-open in July. :(

So that’s the highlight of our stay in Bantayan Island, we just relaxed and had fun under the sun. :)

So when you get back to the city, don’t forget to eat at Larsian. It’s like a mercato/dampa style where you get to eat yummy barbecues and seafood! I like their version of rice called, “Puso”.

So wrapping up our Bantayan, Cebu trip, here’s what I painted on my travel journal during the first day.

All photos are © iaMaka –
and may not be use at any form without my consent.
There is no harm in asking for permission. <3

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