Old < New

A couple of weeks a ago, a friend of mine bought some adhesive wood deco from Daiso because of that I had the idea of fixing my oh-so-messy-massacred drawing desk. So this was my desk. I was careless back then, didn't use a cutting mat, and I never really took off the paint stains. What... Continue Reading →


An Exciting News!

I promise, I am still alive! But before I tell you my exciting news, let me show you again the things I have been working on over these past few days. But you have probably seen it over my Instagram account though. I am making sticker sets!  There will be two sets for this yummy street food stickers.... Continue Reading →

Hello 2016!

Hello 2016! It was a very busy holiday season for me. Parties here and there. Then, I got the chance to visit the province of Isabela for few days. So now, after a couple of weeks of eating and eating and just eating... I am happy to greet everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  (I actually celebrated... Continue Reading →

Garnet is Love!

We are the crystal gems! Because Steven Universe was moved to September 2015, and that I really really missed them... I drew Garnet! This is how I see her. @o@ She is my favorite character. <3 So calm and tough. And that's me on the lower right, cosplaying Steven!

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