I’m still alive & film’s not dead either!

Hi guys! So it's been a year since I last posted anything. Huhuhu. Been busy with other stuff lately but I will definitely try to update once in a while starting today. :D So what I have been up to lately? Ever since the launch of Polaroid's One Step 2 camera recently, I have been... Continue Reading →

Travel Journal Essentials

I am still alive! It's been a while since I last blogged about something. I had a very busy holiday vacation and been eating a lot. Hello to new pounds gained! So, I have decided that this year, I will be fit and healthier...(I think that's what I told myself last year too. HAHA.) So, to... Continue Reading →

Let’s Share Books!

  Hi there! Two weeks ago the book lover in me got so giddy and excited over an event. It was the 2nd Let's Share Gathering: Let's Share Books! This session was a very special one because we supported the Joseph Feeding Mission's Be Family to Somebody This Christmas Project. While most of us were expecting... Continue Reading →

Out Of My Comfort Zone

Do you remember how it feels achieving a thing on your own for the first time? What was it? This is a question that I got from our first Let's Share gathering. This question reminded me of the day that I decided to resign from my first job. I felt that this is a topic that... Continue Reading →

Let’s Share Memories!

When I was given a go signal to publish my blog post about last Saturday's event, I really got excited. Actually, I was already planning to dedicate a blog entry for this too, but I was waiting for ShareMovement's & Jam's blog post first, so the excitement in me is real! Let's start!  Let's Share Gatherings is another awesome project... Continue Reading →


08.12.2016 It's half past 9 in the evening and I thought I should write something, like I needed to share something but I can't really think of any specific topic. I am not really a writer/blogger but I like to write, even if I tend to have wrong grammar sometimes. Then like a bubble, it popped... Continue Reading →

Bellas’ Day Out!

I have been a subscriber of the Belle De Jour beauty box a couple of years back, I stopped because the boxes kept getting sold out. As in those boxes sells like pancakes! Few weeks back, I found out that they have this Beauty Bootcamp event, Glam Indulgence. So why not try to see the... Continue Reading →

Bantayan Island, Cebu

SURPRISE! Yup, this trip was a surprise present for me last February 2016. It was a ticket going to Cebu - The Queen City of the South. I was very excited when I found it out because there are so many things to do in Cebu - like the City Tour, Island hopping, Canyoneering, Relax,... Continue Reading →

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