Hi everyone! It's been months since I have last written on my blog. You can say that I have lost touch lately and I have been struggling in doing things. I feel sluggish for most part. I won't be adding any title on this blog as I really don't intend to make this an official... Continue Reading →

Let’s Share Memories!

When I was given a go signal to publish my blog post about last Saturday's event, I really got excited. Actually, I was already planning to dedicate a blog entry for this too, but I was waiting for ShareMovement's & Jam's blog post first, so the excitement in me is real! Let's start!  Let's Share Gatherings is another awesome project... Continue Reading →

Bellas’ Day Out!

I have been a subscriber of the Belle De Jour beauty box a couple of years back, I stopped because the boxes kept getting sold out. As in those boxes sells like pancakes! Few weeks back, I found out that they have this Beauty Bootcamp event, Glam Indulgence. So why not try to see the... Continue Reading →

Joannie & Mimi School x GetFiled!

It's almost the end of the year, but I still haven't found my perfect planner for 2016! I needed something fun and I won't get bored on. I have this tendency to discontinue on using my planners in the middle of the year. :( I was thinking of a 6-ring planner/organizer but I couldn't decide on the... Continue Reading →

One Creative Planning Afternoon

I was just suppose to check out Maker's Market in Estancia Mall with no plans of staying there for hours, but CraftMnl opened slots for a Creative Planning Demonstration. So I thought, why not join? It's been years since I last had a decent planner and recently, I get bored easily with the planners available in... Continue Reading →

Life After Breakfast 5th Year Anniversary

November is a very artsy-crafty month for me, and last thursday, I got lucky enough to be able to join Alessa Lanot's carving stamp workshop! Best part is that it's free. I am so grateful! It was part of the 5th year anniversary of Life After Breakfast, a thanksgiving of sort. :) I took the 8pm-10pm class. Alessa... Continue Reading →

November Komikon 2015

2015 won't be over without the November Komikon, which is held yearly at the Bayanihan Center Pasig. I am glad of the increasing number of people who appreciates comics, graphic novels and art in general. I wish that the comics industry will flourish again in the Philippines, imagine our very own comic characters go global... Continue Reading →

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