Bellas’ Day Out!

I have been a subscriber of the Belle De Jour beauty box a couple of years back, I stopped because the boxes kept getting sold out. As in those boxes sells like pancakes! Few weeks back, I found out that they have this Beauty Bootcamp event, Glam Indulgence. So why not try to see the event, right?

I went there with my cousin and we both got the Olay Regenerist Duo! Yay! Free entrance and a freebie from Olay, who wouldn’t love it? Then there’s also a free photo opt from Canon Philippines. Yay! Take a photo or it didn’t happen. ;) Continue reading


Joannie & Mimi School x GetFiled!

It’s almost the end of the year, but I still haven’t found my perfect planner for 2016! I needed something fun and I won’t get bored on. I have this tendency to discontinue on using my planners in the middle of the year. :( I was thinking of a 6-ring planner/organizer but I couldn’t decide on the color yet. Yes. I am very picky with colors. But when I see something that I like, I know that I just have to get it.

And since my artistic brain cannot decide on which color… it decided that I should get the Scribbler 2016 planner by Filed. It’s so colorful that I couldn’t take my off of it when I saw in on Instagram. Of course, I just had to get it. Luckily, Filed has tied up with Joannie and Mimi for a Watercolor Floral Workshop, which includes the planner in the workshop kit too! Hooray! I am in great need of refreshing my watercolor skill too. It been a while since I last use it properly. :)

Before I show you a sneak peek of the Scribbler Planner 2016, let me share with you what happened during the workshop. It was held at the Filed HQ, along Congressional Ave. It’s an old house turned into office.

Here are the stuff we used during the workshop:
untitled-Imagine how we were excited to check out all the items!

Our kit includes a workshop guide, which covers the basics of watercolor.
Such pretty colors! Check out their Instagram for more watercolor designs.

Faber Castell was one of the sponsors. They provided us our workshop materials, watercolor, brushes, and pens.

The materials we use are very colorful. I still have to test the pens though.

Faber Castell was one of the colored pencil brands that used I during college. Their watercolor is new to me and I was hesitant at first if their watercolor would be vibrant. Check out my output during the workshop exercises:

Exercise in mixing colors:
The colors turned into nice pastel colors when it dried.
I like how mine turned out.

Believe me this was almost muddy when the colors are still wet.
Look how nicely it turned out when dried.

More exercises! A close up of the gradient wash we made.
I just let the colors bleed with each other.

The fun part! The flowers and leaves. There are two techniques shared to us. First, the banding technique – it was demonstrated by Joannie.
Basically, you just let the colors bleed.
Joannie also checked our works and gave feedback. :) I’m so happy! <3

Next technique was more detailed which was demonstrated by Mimi.
It was very easy follow and they made sure that each student understand the process.
We were given the actual photos and a rendered one too.
A more close up look of my output. I feel refreshed!

And that’s what we did during the workshop, but the fun part isn’t over yet! I still have the planner and a lot of freebies to share. Thank you so much sponsors!

The Sribbler Planner 2016:
Joannie wrote my name on it! :) Maka is the nickname I used online.

There are already samples available on bookstores
if you want to check out the planner physically but just in case here are few of the inside pages.
There are a lot of spaces to write and doodle on!

 The Scribler kit:
3 NeoFineliners & How-to Guide, and DIY bookmark!

More from the sponsors:
Hodge Podge Keychain, Create sticker, and discount coupon from Pensgalore.
There was also a giveaway from The Diff Concept, unfortunately I didn’t win.

Oh yeah, I must not forget – a postcard from Mimi aka Dollicandy! :)
So pretty!



The Diff Concept
Instagram: @thediffconcept

Faber Castell PH
Facebook: Faber Castell Philippines

Instagram: @GetFiled

Instagram: @HeyHodgePodge
Facebook: Hodge Podge


One Creative Planning Afternoon

I was just suppose to check out Maker’s Market in Estancia Mall with no plans of staying there for hours, but CraftMnl opened slots for a Creative Planning Demonstration. So I thought, why not join? It’s been years since I last had a decent planner and recently, I get bored easily with the planners available in bookstores. :( So I thought I needed a boost.

The demonstration was done by Chinky of Planners and Journals, and also part of the Philippine Planner Society. She very friendly, energetic and bubbly! Plus, she like the color Aqua! :D I like that color too but on a lighter shade, but imagine how my eyes grew with excitement when she showed us her planners! SOOOOO PRETTY! But I didn’t take photos of it though. I am too focused with the things she was showing to us.

There are stickers, washi tapes, clear stamps, stamp pads, punchers!

And this is us, can’t wait to get our hands on the materials, and staring at the cute stuff. :))

While we hold our excitement, she began her demonstration.
Two lucky ladies were able to have the pages she made!

And when it was our turn, look how messy we got!

It’s been a fun class. We were able to take home our works.
Look what I did! :D

Of course, a visit to an event like this won’t be completed without buying souvenirs!
I got soaps from Aimee’s Premium Soap. It’s a glycerine base soap, so it’s transparent.

Washi tapes samples from Planners and Journals by Craftee Dandee.

And my most favorite souvenir, is the scented soy candle from Scentido.

Please support our local arts and crafts community by buying from them. The items from the Maker’s Market are perfect for gifts!


Maker’s Market PH
Planners and Journals
Aimee’s Premium Soap

Life After Breakfast 5th Year Anniversary

November is a very artsy-crafty month for me, and last thursday, I got lucky enough to be able to join Alessa Lanot’s carving stamp workshop! Best part is that it’s free. I am so grateful! It was part of the 5th year anniversary of Life After Breakfast, a thanksgiving of sort. :)
I took the 8pm-10pm class. Alessa is very friendly, accomodating. This was my first workshop with her and I am planning to join her future workshops too.

The class was held in Pipino, a vegan restaurant along Malingap, Maginahawa. It’s right above the Pino restaurant, but the entrance is at the right side at the back of the compound.
The menu is very interesting, 100% meat free! I tried their Taro chips and it’s delicious, thin and crispy. I will come back here, for sure.


I wasn’t able to take much photos of the place, it’s quite small but will be able to accomodate around 20-25 pax. It’s actually cozy and very art-oriented.

Now the photos from the workshop session! :D Of course, we started with the introduction of ourselves. I am getting the hang of it, as I expected it now to happen in all of the workshop I am participating in. (I am a very shy person…at first. Hahaha!)

*Please forgive my crappy phone camera shots*

A workshop kit was given to us, with a guide printed on the envelope. The kit includes; 1) Rubber Eraser Block, 2) Cardboard, as cutting mat, 3) Tracing paper, and 2) Two sheets of paper for stamp testing. The Speedball Lino cutter, regular cutter, and the pencil were for workshop use only.


Before we started with the actual carving, things like basic were, of course, discussed to us. A demo in each tables were done too, for us to see closer.
After that, we were given the time to choose the design that we wanted and trace it onto the rubber eraser. Since, I recently got autumn leaves as souvenirs, I went on to creating those for mine.


My design was very small, I think this is around 2in x 2in. Because of that, I got confused while carving! I almost ruined it. Almost. My untested stamp looked like it’s been massacred. :(( It was suppose to be all removed outline negative but I turned one into an outline (positive).


I was so afraid that I have ruined it, but to my surprise – it actually worked! Ta-dah! Whew! I almost thought that I won’t be able to finish it too.


By the way, I only used the regular cutter for this one. I cannot control the lino cutter very well, I only used it twice to get a piece out of the carved areas.

We were also given a small notebook to stamp on! Huhu! I am so happy! *o*


When the workshop ended, people stayed for a bit to try the different stamps on the stamping stations. I now regret not buying a tote bag to stamp on! :(( Next time, I must not forget.

I can’t wait for the future workshops that I’ll be joining from her class!
Thank you so much for giving me an opportunity to refresh my carving skills! <3

 —————– What I found before the workshop  —————–

My best friend and I was an hour early for the workshop…so we looked for a place to stay first and we found this!
Dorissimo Breadery, it’s along Malingap, Maginhawa too!
They are the ones who took the old spot of Ally’s All-Day Breakfast.

November Komikon 2015

2015 won’t be over without the November Komikon, which is held yearly at the Bayanihan Center Pasig. I am glad of the increasing number of people who appreciates comics, graphic novels and art in general. I wish that the comics industry will flourish again in the Philippines, imagine our very own comic characters go global and join the Avenger or the Suicide Squad! I dream that one day, my favorite character Alexandra Trese, created by Budjette Tan & Kajo Baldissimo, will have a crossover issue with the DC characters!

1-131851 1-131617

I tried not to splurge so much on comics this time. Don’t get me wrong, I love to support our local artists but Christmas is coming and I need not to spend so much before the holiday comes. But, I did have a budget to grab few comics and some art materials, I have been eyeing on for months.

Before I went inside the halls, I made a couple of stops with the booths outside. First, is my friend, Jolo Livelo and the Tanods’ booth. I got a copy of this very first Punch Kick – Player 1 Player 2 comics.

A comics which is published every friday on Jolo’s personal facebook page.
It’s PUN to read! :D I bet you will like it.

And then, my second stop is at‘s booth! I bought a Nicker gouache from them couple of months ago but I realised that I need a brighter set of colors. I will probably raffle those of when I have time. In my instagram of course. :) This time, I bought the Shin Han PASS watercolour and gouache hybrid. I got the nearest color to CMYK and a White one.
Each tube costs about Php 150-170 except for the black one, which costs Php 220. I will post a review as soon as I get to use these babies!

The blue grey color is not purple-ish like in the picture. It’s more of a cyan shade. :)

Artwhale allowed me to take photos of the art supplies they carry. They also have the Touch markers, which I didn’t bother to try because I don’t want to buy those on impulse. They also have the Peerless watercolor paper, but sadly they don’t have the bright sets that I like.
I think they brought half of their shop in here and I got a glimpse of a piece of heaven, if I must say.

1-131439 1-131455  1-131535 1-131507

Inside the venue is another art shop, but they are more on pens, markers, and watercolors. Most of what I saw were the Faber Castell PITT, another pen which I like to try because of its soft brush-waterproof black ink. They also have the Finecolour markers, Sakurai Koi and Kuretake Zig products such as Cocoiro pens, Bimoji, Fudebiyori & Gansai Tambai.
Oh yeah, they also have a White Pentel Touch, which I aim to use on Starbucks’ red cups. <3

1-47991-133258Later on, I visited the Anino comics booth too, were my friend Lance works. :) Hooray for your company supporting local artist! They have a graphic novel version of “Si Janus Silang at Ang Tyanak ng Tabon”, I got one for Php 250 only! I am not sure if this is available in our local bookstores already but I am sure that they will release this. I hope they will have the sequel turned into a graphic novel too!


Of course, a komikon will never be completed without…dan-dan-dan! TRESE! Yes, I went to the Visprint booth for this copy of Trese which is translated to Filipino by Bob Ong. They also have the new book of Manix Abrera, “Hukbong Sandatahan ng Kahaggardan”, at Php 500.


Lastly, I finally got to find a copy of Pasig, THE PASIG of the late Culture Crash Comics by Taga-ilog! Awesome! But I had to go around the hall a couple of times to look for him. Hahaha, he wasn’t in the same spot as he was in the summer Komikon.
I can finally read the whole series in peace. ;D

1-4788 1-4790

P.S.: A friend of mine requested me to buy her a copy of Ligaya, not entirely sure what it is about. I will ask my friend on Monday.


And that concludes my November Komikon 2015 trip!
If you want to experience it, it’s their last day tomorrow, November 15, 2015.
The next one would probably be in summer of 2016. :)