I live with Eczema.

I was around 6 years old when my Eczema flared up for the first time. I had hives of sort – it was very itchy and watery. I remember a little that my mom took me to an “albularyo” and told us that I disturbed a “duwende” and the remedy that was given to me was to wash it with Guava leaves. But that didn’t helped. So the next thing I remembered is that I was brought to our doctor, there I was diagnosed with Eczema. Ever since, I have been switching from one cream to another. There was even a liquid medicine that I had to apply every night and it was very painful. It wasn’t until last couple of years, I think that I realised that my skin was really bad.

You may ask why I didn’t thought of taking care of my skin in my teens, honest answer is that I really didn’t care. I wasn’t so much conscious with myself, plus I never wore swimsuit or short skirts and all, so I thought “it’s hidden, why bother?”. However, couple of years back I started investing with skincare. I wanted my skin to be nice – so I looked into Eczema and what could be the possible cure for it. There was none.

*Sorry, there won’t be any photos of my Eczema, because it’s on the back of thigh below my butt.
I feel awkward showing people my ugly skin.

You see Eczema is a condition that causes the skin to flare up, it’s very itchy and scaly. I found out that there is no cure. It could be genetic (I think my family has) and environmental. Even though there is no cure, it can be prevented, treated and managed. So, finally after my loooong introduction here are the things that I have done to keep my Eczema manageable and “tamed”.

These are the things I have done with keeping my Eczema manageable. It may worked for me but not with you. I just merely sharing my experience growing with Eczema. :) It is best if you consult your doctor or dermatologist.

Topical corticosteroid creams and ointments: – I used to jump from one brand to another every check-up with our doctor. It helps but it doesn’t really prevent it from happening. Also, there’s a 7 days limit with the cream use. Right now, the most effective brand that I am using is Elica, but I as I have mentioned before, I don’t use it for more that 7 days or else I will have to find another medicine. It helps with quick relief.

Since I cannot use Elica for more than 7 days here are the other things that I use alternately or whatever I feel like using: I use a homemade Lavender lotion, or the Dream Cream of Lush, or Eucerin Eczema relief. Oh yeah, I sometime use Aloe Vera gel to keep my skin cool.

Keep the infected area dry. That means sweat for me is a no-no. However, when I used to play soccer, sweat is no problem as long as I take a bath after playing.

Shower or wash the infected area with mild soap only
. Avoid soaps with strong fragrance. I like using oatmeal soap, lavender soap, and peppermint soap. It helps calm my skin.

Avoid tight clothing. But I like wearing jeans, so I take a bath or wash my thighs after I wear jeans.

Avoid things or food that you are allergic to. For me it’s dust, the heat and sweat, which I know I cannot really avoid since it’s SUPER hot in the Philippines so I go back to showering before i go to sleep.

Avoid Dairy. This is real. I used to avoid dairy products and my eczema was quiet as a sleeping baby during that time. Then lately, I have been indulging in milk tea hence it flares up every now and then. I really should stop. They should stop making really good milk teas. Lol!

And that’s it! :) I should really be working on keep my health green and up. I hope that this helped you or someone you know that have eczema. I am only speaking from my experience and it will still be different for you. I hope you’ll find the best treatment for you.

xoxo, Maka

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