A Slow Saturday and Shop&Share Yard Sale

Hi guys! I had a very interesting Saturday and I wanted to share you parts of it. :) 
In the morning, I joined Ms. Alessa Lanot a.k.a. Life After Breakfast‘s Life Goal Setting workshop. It was an hour long workshop which was held at the Malingap Central Food Hall. During the workshop I had a lot of things going through my mind. But one thing is for sure, the workshop helped us to think of a goal that we could achieve by 2020 – in which we will work on through 2019. We talked about the things that we want to achieve, the things that we enjoy doing, the things that we really like doing if I had all the resources in the world and so on.  
Sorry, but I won’t be able to share the sheet with you because it is very personal to me. But what I can say is that having a goal with a deadline on it, can really make you feel pressured but at the same time, now you see that you have a concrete vision of what you wanted to achieve. :) We were advise to visit our goal every 3 months, because the in-between processed may change or even the goal but at least we know that we are on-track. 

Here are few photos that I took while waiting for the other participants of the workshop. :) The place is very chill, perfect for a slow afternoon indeed.
There is also no wifi – they encourage people to talk with each other and LTE is faster. Hahaha! They also have a CLAYGO policy (Clean as you go).

Then late in the afternoon, I am so happy that I was able to attend Shop and Share’s yard sale with Nate Punzalan. Shop and Share an online shop launched this year, wherein you can buy pre-loved or even new items for a cause! (For Joseph Feeding Mission Foundation Inc.) Isn’t great? The event was very chill – they have food, drinks, card games (uno), jamming sessions, Nintendo switch station. It’s very intimate too! I enjoyed watching the people do their thing – laugh, making jokes or simply just conversing. I really hope that they continue this next year and that they grow bigger. 

Congratulations for a successful event! :)

The event had a php250 entrance fee, which you can use as credits to buy clothes and other things from their garage sale. Here are the things that I got, it costs about Php50-Php200. I love it! <3 I got two tops, one jeans, a small bag and few stickers. 

And that is all! I hope you enjoyed reading my slooooow and chill Saturday events. :) 

This is Maka, your awkward seatmate!
đź’– Talk to you on my next blog! đź’–
Let’s connect! :) See you!
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