Maka tries to unbox: Simple Skincare

The brand Simple Skincare is not new to me, I have used their Micellar water before and it’s really nice and gentle to the skin. Also there was this one product that I wish they have in the local beauty dept. stores: The Simple Foaming Cleanser, it really cleans all the dirt on your face, but I bought mine in SnR last 2016 and I haven’t returned to SnR since then (Hhhmm, maybe I should go back soon).

But what I really want to share is this box that I got from Simple Skincare last week. I signed up on Simple Skincare PH’s skin-loving group and then I totally forgot about it (Oops). Then I received an email that I was selected for their Simple brand experience! Yay! :D Fast forward to lest week – I received the package, I thought it will only be just one item but the box contained three. :)

ITEMSWhat’s in the box?
Micellar Water, Dual Effect Eye Make-Up Remover and Hydrating Light Moisturiser.

As I have mentioned above, I have already tried their Micellar cleansing water (200ml Php299.00/ 400ml Php499.00) and it’s one of my go-to micellar water (and the Bioré Micellar water since I), it works really well: removes dirt, make-up and doesn’t dries out the skin. The only thing that I am a bit iffy about it, is the scent. I suppose, it’s unscented but it has this scent that you can’t quite distinguish – though it’s not really that bothering.

 The Dual Effect eye make-up remover (125ml Php349.00) in my first time of using it, feels gentle on my eyes. (Unlike the make-up remover that I got from Etude house, it always leave my skin feeling a bit stingy. Sad) Living up to its claim, it cares for the lashes. It’s one thing that I make sure when I use eye make-up remover. I don’t maybe it’s  the way I wipe the make-up off my eyes, some of my lashes falls off. Hehe. Oops. I did a test on this product too! (See photos below). I created a post halloween look since I didn’t really get the chance to do this mask thing effect and I played Ragnarok M: Eternal Love for most part of my vacation. Aha! Hahahaha!


The last product which I still have to test more, is the Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser (125ml / Php499.00) but during my first use, it felt really light on my skin. I always have the itchy feeling when I use heavy creams so I try to stay away from those. So this one is perfect for my face. I could compare the lightness of it to Skin Potion’s Glass Skin moisturiser.  My face does not sweat a lot when I use it which is a plus for me. Also, I like that it’s in a bottle and not a jar, it’s easier for me to squeeze it out.


So that’s it guys! Those are the things that I received from Simple Skincare PH. I hope you enjoyed reading my blog. Now I need to find a lightweight, non-irritating, non-comedogenic sun block. If you have suggestions please tell me in the comment section. :) Something that could be at par with Kiehl’s, because Kiehl’s is too pricey. Huhuhu. Poorita lang po ako. :P 


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