Wishful Sunday Mornings


Remember those Sundays were you wake up to good sounds that your parents used to play early in the morning? Relaxing, calming or sometimes even nostalgic. There is this app that I have recently used that makes my Sunday mornings feels like “The Sunday Morning” – Refreshing, mellow and very calming. It’s the WISH107.5 APP by WishCard.

I love staying on bed a bit longer during sunday mornings, while browsing through my phone, watching a series, movie or listening to music. It’s like my “bwelo” before I get up and prep for the day.

2018-10-01-22-16-03714656167.jpgEven when I do my skincare in the bathroom, it’s either I Even when I do my skincare in the bathroom, it’s either I listen to music or to my favorite vlog. Yes, I listen to vlogs when I am in the shower. I don’t like it when it’s quiet. It feels like something scary will jump out of nowhere! Hahaha!

With the Wish107.5 app, I get to listen to music of different genre without the hassle of searching and doing the playlist myself. I get to discover new tracks too!

Also, I get access to Wishclusives, news, events and the latest happenings from their partner merchants, bloggers and vloggers! (I am one of their partners! Hihihi!)

Oh yeah the best part! In every Wishclusive, articles and news update there are hidden promo codes which you can use to accumulate points. These points can be use to redeem prizes! Check out the app to view list of redeemable prizes. ;)

Here’s How to Get Promo Codes:


Wish107.5 app will also provide you with a physical card called WISHCARD which you can use to avail discounts from partnered merchants and other perks. I haven’t received mine yet, I was told that they will announce the date when it will be ready for pick-up. :)

Screenshot taken from their video: https://www.fb.com/WishCardInternational/videos/1583383221769304

And that’s it for my latest sunday mornings companion. I’m sure there will be lots of updates and fun surprises with Wish107.5 app in the future, so download the app now and stay tuned! Like also their facebook page to get their latest updates. :)


Keep Smiling!

The Wish107.5 app is available for download on both IOS and ANDROID devices.

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