Fun at Art in Island with WishCard 💕

Hi everyone! I’m officially alive and back to blogging again! I am actually been writing a story but that is another thing – I will share it when I am ready. For now, let me talk about my first bloggers meet event.

I’m grateful to have been part of their 2018 Bloggers Meet event with that I’m excited to share that I’m now an official partner of WishCard International! This partnership means that we will be collaborating in the future, and I will be able to create content that will be also available via the Wish1075 app too. :)

The event was suppose to take place last September 15 but because of the typhoon Ompong we have to hold on to the excitement for another week. (I even thought that I wouldn’t be able to make it!) The event was held in Cafe Minou which is located inside Art in Island. There was a short presentation about Wish Card International and the Wish1075 App. Also the CEO of 1k Solutions, Mr. Noel Peralta welcomed us and talked about the partnership, what is it all about and our role in the Wish app.

I attended with my friend Sab, who is also invited and a lifestyle blogger and Rika my new friend who is also a blogger whom I met last Cosmo event. <3 Also, I finally met some of the people whom I only knew online: April, Chelsea and Rachelle, they’re all fun to be with. I am usually quiet at around new people but I’m pretty sure that it wasn’t like that during our museum tour. Hahaha! Probably it’s because of the place too. Right after the signing, we were given the time to explore the museum on our own. (I forgot to mention above, before we could enter the building, we were asked to wear a protective covering for our shoes. We had the option to wear our own socks or go in bare feet.)

When we went inside the exhibit area it looked like we fell into a rabbit hole and found ourselves in Wonderland! The place is sooooooo big! Bigger than what I had in mind. If I am correct the museum has 11 areas of which I remember are the following: Magazine area, Diorama, Art/painting Area, Christmas Lane, Religous Area, Egyptian, The Creation, The Jungle area, Under the Sea and the Optical Illusion exhibit near the entrance. (Again, this is just how I remember it – I could be wrong. HEHE.) I am also aware that the whole museum is about optical illusion.

Unfortunately, I only have photos from my phone’s camera because my digital camera decided to give up on me. HUHU i cri. But thank you Sab for taking my photos, I really tried to give my best pose in each area. Also, I wasn’t able to have my photos taken in every art in the museum, because it’s so big, and we got tired towards the end. As tiring as it is, we enjoyed it very much, in fact I am already thinking of going back there with my family too!

This is me. Basically just enjoying the immersive 3D art and cleaning off the museum’s floor.
More photos of our adventure below!

I will recommend that you go to Art in Island the soonest, before the holiday season. But I am not sure if they have limited tickets per day. Here are some tips if you decided to go there:

1. I advise that you wear socks with sole grip. While they provide you with a shoes cover, my friends and I find it to be a bit slippery.

2. Bring a selfie stick with you. While I see people with tripods make sure you bring the smallest one. I don’t advise to bring the bigger ones as they trip people or take up to much space.

3. Eat before you go in. Food and drinks are definitely not allowed inside, but they have a Cafe where you can also eat.

4. Visit with friends or family. Preferably the one who loves taking and won’t get easily tired taking photos of you. HAHAHA! Of course, you have to take your friend’s photo too. ;)

5, Last but not the least, HAVE FUN! Lie down on the floor if you have too! It’s not like everyday you get to immerse yourself in pieces of art. (*Point up to the previous photos.)

It was a very wonderful experience, I did not just have great photos but I also gained new friends. <3

P.S. I also made a 3-min vlog about it. Please check it too. Hihihi! <3 Thank you!


WishCard International for making this all possible. The app is now available for both Apple ios and Android.

Art in Island is located in 175 15th Ave, Brgy. Socorro, Cubao, QC, PH. It’s an eleven-minute walk from Gateway Mall. However, if you choose to walk make sure that you have someone with you. You can visit them on Tuesdays to Sundays, 9:30AM-9:30PM.
Tickets can be bought for ₱500.00 for adults and ₱400.00 for students, senior citizens and PWDs.

Hypercases for giving us an inspirational phone case. It fits my Samsung J7 plus!


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