First time to try disposable camera

Second film roll up! This time I tried using a disposable camera, which I am very curious about. It does work like the usual instant film camera. I got mine from Analogique PH during the Sharendipity event by ShareMovement PH, which I also used that very day.

Okay, so what I got is a Fujifilm Simple Ace 400 Disposable camera (Click Here). It’s very light-weight and I wanted to actually turn it into a keychain after using. It has a built-in flash, and it comes with 39 shots of 35mm film.  However, since I just starting to get back to film after a long time, I am not really sure how I would use the camera. But after this, I think I wanted to try it for a second time.

Here are some shots of my first disposable camera roll: (Sharendipity > Music Gig > LF’s Christmas Rally. As you can see that, the output is very dark. but still manage to catch some photos decently at some level. However, I have noticed, not only in this camera, that every time I use flash indoor, it almost blacks out the background and cancels out the other light source. I’m not a pro so this is all an experiment to me. :)


And that’s all for today’s entry, I hoped you enjoyed it. I will probably upload more of my test shots after I have the films developed. I have about 4-5 rolls pending. Hahahaha! I think this hobby with break my wallet soon. Hahaha! <3 xoxo

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