Let’s Share Books!


Hi there! Two weeks ago the book lover in me got so giddy and excited over an event. It was the 2nd Let’s Share Gathering: Let’s Share Books! This session was a very special one because we supported the Joseph Feeding Mission’s Be Family to Somebody This Christmas Project.


While most of us were expecting to hear them say barbie dolls, toy cars or new clothes, their answer gave a deep pinch in our hearts.

They said, “A family. Because when we have a family, we have everything we need. They can provide our SHOES, TOYS and FOOD.” – http://josephfeeding.org/christmas2016/

It wasn’t very hard for us to break the ice in this session, since we all had one thing in common to talk about. Plus, Jam prepared a game for us which we played for like 3 rounds!

Throughout the session I was in “oohhh-aaaahhh” feeling. These ladies are THE REAL BOOK LOVERS! You see, I love to read books but I haven’t gone as far as reading the classics or any of Haruku Murakami’s book. I am more of a Mitch Albom novel reader. I might have read Sherlock’s but when the modern Sherlock series came out, I just watched it instead.

We also had an activity towards the end of the session. We made bookmarks! Hooray for creativity! We used the bookmarks for our book swaps, and it’s was an early Christmas Party for all of us!

I got the Sense and Sensibility book, I was told that it was the same author as the Pride and Prejudice. I haven’t read any books like it but I can give it a shot. :)
But because we’ve got a bunch of books, we were able to chose another book from the pile. I got The Espressologist, it looks interesting. I will bring it with me during my travels this Christmas vacation. Plus, I love coffee.

The book lover in us were so happy!!!
Until the next Let’s Share Gathering! :)

Keep Smiling!

We also have Pre-loved books for sale!
All proceeds will go to JFM’s Be a Family to Somebody this Christmas project.


Thanks to PBCo for letting us stay.

Links to awesome people’s pages

Julie Capulong

Jam Pangilinan

Dianne Francesca

Arli Pagaduan

Mitzi Evora

Danielle Denise

Isabella Militante

Elizabeth Bagadiong

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Joseph Feeding Mission
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