Out Of My Comfort Zone

Do you remember how it feels
achieving a thing on your own for the first time? What was it?

This is a question that I got from our first Let’s Share gathering. This question reminded me of the day that I decided to resign from my first job. I felt that this is a topic that I should talk about and share to some people, so I have decided to dedicate a blog post for it.

How it felt.  It felt like a torn pulled out from my heart. Not that I hated my job, there may be down times but I still love it, let me clear that up. It felt that way because I loved my job some much that it took me 4 years and 4 months to let it go. It was hard at first, I actually cried while writing my resignation letter. It was like writing a break up letter – seriously! I almost didn’t want to submit it to my manager. But I was able to take up all the courage that I could get and I achieved something on my own for the first time.

I achieved something on my own for the first time. Why the resignation, why not the time that I got into the Dean’s list or why not the time that I got into the college football team? I guess that my resignation was something that I felt I had to decide on my own. For years, I treated my first job as my second home, it became my comfort zone. It was okay for just work and work, but I had to stop, pause and breathe. There’s more to life than my work. I needed to feel alive again, and so it was the resignation that I chose.

It was the resignation. When I was working on my first job, I have a crazy schedule, which I don’t mind at all. It’s alright but I came to a point where I needed a break from it but I couldn’t because it was hard to leave my post. So with my resignation, I took back my weekends, my vacation, and my time for myself. And on my last day, our senior manager talk to me, and she told me that they are grateful to have me, thanked me for all of I have done and lastly, to make them proud. I almost cried, it felt like graduation all over again.
At last I now have time for myself!

I did it for myself. I wanted to grow as a person and as a human being with a heart that cares. As I continue to learn, I still have lapses and often time impatient though, I am forever thankful to the first company that helped me grow my talent and skills.Thankful to the people who have become my friends and helped me through. I shall make you proud and go beyond expectation.

Forever grateful,


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