Let’s Share Memories!

When I was given a go signal to publish my blog post about last Saturday’s event, I really got excited. Actually, I was already planning to dedicate a blog entry for this too, but I was waiting for ShareMovement’s & Jam’s blog post first, so the excitement in me is real! Let’s start! 

Let’s Share Gatherings is another awesome project by Sharemovent & Jam Pangilinan. It’s just a small crowd-chill-hangout-barkada like setup. No pressure at all! All participants will get the chance to share something, even the smallest thing they know. We appreciate all things.
Also, the best part of this project is that it aims to support Joseph Feeding Mission’s Daily Feeding Program. So basically, it’s a gathering for a cause but doesn’t ask for a specific amount or force you. For as low as Php 50.00,

yesss, you can already take part in helping the daily feeding mission. The only time you’ll be asked to pay for something is when you asked for your food bill already. 

Let’s Share Gatherings aims to organize hassle-free gatherings that will allow attendees to donate to JFM, meet new friends,be refreshed, be inspired, learn something new and connect to a community that has the same interest as you!

source: http://jampangilinan.com/lets-share-gatherings/

Hhmm, where do I start? Ah, the meet-up took place in Cafe Shibuya in UP Town Center, Katipunan last Aug. 20, 2016. The topic for last Saturday’s gathering is all about “Memories”. Like what are the memories that we don’t want to talk about? What memories do we want to keep sharing over and over again? Memories the we wanted to re-live again. Things like that, but nobody was forced to speak of something they don’t want to talk about. Each of us got the chance to speak and talk about something.

The gathering was divided into three parts:
(If my memory serves me right,  I am very bad at remembering things specially when I don’t write them down during the moment. But I remember them generally, I just tend to miss out or mix up a thing or two or maybe three? Hahahaha!)

  • First part was the Never Have I game. It’s the part where we were reminded of the bad memories and no we are not forced to talk about those things…how do I explain it..we didn’t share that specific memory like totally share every juicy detail. The line goes…Never have I cried in public because of a specific song.  The lines goes something in general, it could have been something embarrassing or mischievous like “kalokohan“. Something that when we remember we try to shrug it off.
     What I learned: Take that memory or whatever that something you are trying to shrug off and turn that into a something good. Like a lesson learned. :)
  • Second part was the Roll-A-Dice-Get-A-Question part, this is a 2-part game. I wasn’t included in the first part though. The questions were mixed, I believe. We tackle about the things that we regret not doing, how do we overcome rejections, etc.
    The point here is that, even if there are things that may have disappoint us or fail us or hurt us, we don’t fail to believe in ourselves and to continue to help ourselves to be better.
    You don’t discount the feelings from yourself, never. Because only when you embrace it you can move forward. That’s the time when you have truly accepted it.
    Here was something that I wanted to share to the group but I forgot because I got nervous constructing what I wanted to say in mind. This is from my favorite book and movie: Tuesdays with Morrie.

“How can we spare someone’s feelings…by denying them?”


  • I was in the 2nd part of the Roll-A-Dice-Get-A-Question, however I think I like to create a separate blog post for that. But the question that I got is:

Do you remember how it feels
achieving a thing on your own for the first time?
What was it? Hint: Resignation

  • Last part was where we list down our goals for the remaining months of the year, well at least for me. Off to the future we go!  Off course the artist in us will never fail to show up. We did it with washi tapes, stamps, pens and all! Fun Fun Fun!

 — My takeaway —
Life is short, go out and make the most out of it.
Create memories, all kinds; good, bad and best. 😄


Bonus Part:

Imagine the me spazzing inside when I get to meet Ms. Geli Balcruz!!! OMG. I’m a fan. Tee-hee. I hope I can snag a spot in one of your workshops in the future. She is super friendly and energetic, and always ready to help. As in. So, I’m really thankful for dropping by our small gathering. :)

Also, when I got home, I was browsing over my Instagram and I realized that Ms. Bettina Bacani is the @BettinaBacani who I was following in Instagram because of her food blog & photos! So that’s why she’s very familiar, aside from the Workshop Party, I was stalking her social media too. Hahaha!

Lastly, I am very thankful to Jam Pangilinan, for creating a way for us to help you and help others. For also being such an inspiration to all people especially the young ones. Don’t forget to take vacations once in a while! :) Hihi

More photos! Pardon my crappy shots. :(( Huhuhu.


Links to awesome people’s pages

Julie Capulong

Allison Julian

Erin Julian

Karen Pascual

Jemie Francisco

Jam Pangilinan

Bettina Bacani

Geli Balcruz

Let’s Share
Let’s Share Gatherings For A Cause

Share Movement
Facebook | Instagram | sharemovement.net

Joseph Feeding Mission
Facebook | Instagram | josephfeeding.org

Thank you for reading my very long blog entry, I really really wanted everything to be in
detail and I hope to see you soon in one of our Let’s Share Gathering! :)


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