Beaute Centrale – Total Salon Experience

If you are following me on my instagram account, you probably would remember that I won a 10 – Services package from Beaute Centrale! Isn’t it great? I was actually planning to get my hair treated and was looking for a nice salon at that time.

A little background about the salon, I actually found it from one of my favorite blogger’s posts. The salon is located along J.P. Rizal Avenue, Olympia, Makati City. A 16-mins walk from the Century City Mall. (I just used google map when I went there.) The salon is newly opened, just four months ago, I think. It was quite small, about 3 chair for the hair services and 2 chairs for the Mani-Pedi corner. But they have a second floor where they do their facial & massage services. So, that’s I guess for the intro. :)

I went there during a weekday, Thursday to be exact. When I entered the salon, I thought I was in the wrong place. Everyone was so quiet! Not that I expected them to be loud or something. I am just surprised. The salon is clean and well-maintained. It has a relaxing ambiance, you will be able to fall asleep. LOL.

So, the promo that I won is their 10-service for only Php2,499! Of course, it’s free for me. Hihi. The package includes a choice between Rebond or Brazilian (Hair blowout) plus the following; 1) Manicure, 2) Pedicure, 3) Foot Spa, 4) Foot Reflex, 5) Express Facial, 6) Signature Massage (Upper body only), 7) Hair Colour, 8) Hair Treatment, 9) Head Massage, 10) Hair Treatment. I think that this is a very great deal for the price.

I chose the Brazilian Hair Treatment, the procedure took about  2.5 – 3 hours. Including the Hair Colour. For the Hair Colour, I chose the Extremely Very Light Ash Blonde since I have a very dark hair. My hair is VERY THICK and LONG, it was also braided when I got to the salon, that’s why it’s curly too.


I think my stylist’s name is Eunice. (I am not sure, forgive meeee!) She did a great job with my hair. Also, I like how she was able to answer some of my questions. It only shows that she knows her job. Thanks girl!

It between the hair treatment, while waiting for the colour to settle & take effect, they did my nails and the the foot spa. I like their mani and pedi, no skin wounded in the process. Hahaha. Although, I’m not a fan of the pink liquid for my nails (Forgot what’s it called), gladly the nail tech attending to me toned it down. :) Yay for not shoving things that may annoy your client.   I like how my nails look slightly pink and clean after.

Before I reveal how my hair looked after the treatment, here’s what I thought of their Facial & Massage service: It was my first time to have a facial treatment and I enjoyed it. It felt like it took away 5 years of stress from my face! Plus, my face brightens after the treatment. Then I had an upper body massage, which I find relaxing too. I almost fell asleep. I like how the bed was setup, there is a hole for your face to breathe. I would suggest putting a mint scent or and relaxing oil at the floor (near the face area/hole) for a more soothing effect while having the massage.

Now back to my hair, because this is part I was excited the most. :) Here’s a close up of my head. As you can see, it’s now more smooth than the photo above. Maybe it’s because it’s be blow dried carefully too. But look how healthy it is now than before!

This is not yet the final output, my stylist had to cut few inches off my hair because as you can see below, it turned out that my hair wasn’t cut carefully before and I never notice it!

Overall, they did a great job with my hair and I love it! Here’s a side-by-side comparison of my before and after. Don’t you just love it? before-after

I will probably go back after a month to get a treatment and an express facial. :) So yeah, that’s my total salon experience from Beaute Central PH! THANK YOU VERY MUCH GUYS!

——— Beaute Centrale ———
614 JP Rizal Avenue, Olympia, Makati City

This is how my hair looked during my Cebu Trip. What I liked about the Brazilian Hair Treatment is that, it didn’t kill my hair’s volume, but instead I have noticed that it is more manageable now. While it is still thick and wavy, I can now leave my hair down more frequently than before. No more frizzy hair! :D



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