Printable Sticker: Valentine’s Day Set

Heart’s day is in less than two weeks and everyone is surely busy again, especially the boyfriends. Hahaha! I have something that you might like. :)
I made this little sticker sets with all my heart for all planner junkies and sticker lovers out there! HINT: You can also use stick this on to your girlfriend’s gifts and love cards. ;)

Spread the love this Valentine’s day! <3


2 Chibi Maka
2 Valentine’s Day Greeting
2 Border Deco

606 pixel x 173 pixels
(Can fit two copies in one A4/Letter size paper)


1.) Strictly for personal use only.
2.) You cannot edit, sell and/or distribute without permission.
3.) You cannot claim it as your own.
4.) You must always give credit. Link back here, if you can, when sharing. :)
5.) Oh yeah, you may remove the contact info ONLY when printing. ;) To save space.



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