An Exciting News!

I promise, I am still alive! But before I tell you my exciting news, let me show you again the things I have been working on over these past few days. But you have probably seen it over my Instagram account though. I am making sticker sets!  There will be two sets for this yummy street food stickers. Few, including the ones below will be up of free download! The other set will be for sale, after I figure out how to setup an online shop and find a nice print shop where I can have these babies printed and pre-cut, or maybe just sell a soft copy? I don’t know – I still need to figure things out.


Meanwhile, about the great news which I am very happy and excited to share with everyone!
Sharemovement – Shop & Share is now officially open!
I am so glad to be part of this wonderful team as a contributor.

There are stickers up for grabs, which you can use on your planners, notebooks and journals, or just stick ’em to where ever you want. Shipping will start on Monday, 25 Jan 2016. Oh, have I told you that it is for a good cause? :)
Also, watch out for this year’s workshops and events by ShareMovement, I hope to see you in one of the events! :) Happy 2016!


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