Printable Sticker: Maka Emoji Set

I have been into planning lately and ever since I joined the Philippine Planning Society. It’s like my way of relaxing after a stressful day. Plus, it’s obvious with my previous post. I have 4 planners for this year and each have different purpose.
In relation with planning and as an artist, I make my own stickers sometimes!
It’s the fun part. I also get to make my own rubber stamps! :)


This is my first sticker set, with my own chibi character! Yay!
And of course, I am sharing my happiness with you! Yes, you!
You can download the file and print as many as you want.

Paper size:


1.) Strictly for personal use only.
2.) You cannot edit, sell and/or distribute without permission.
3.) You cannot claim it as your own.
4.) You must always give credit.
5.) Oh yeah, you may remove the contact info ONLY when printing. ;) To save space.


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