Unboxing: Light Teal Webster’s Pages Planner

Finally, my brain has decided what color to get for my 2016 person planner! Yay! I chose a light teal Webster’s Pages color crush personal planner. I found this at Scribed Writing Essentials in Eastwood, Libis – a couple of weeks ago and it was just yesterday afternoon that I have decided to get the planner. At last – decision has been made!

The planner includes inserts, list notepad, stickers, dividers, a key chain, and a page marker, It’s actually bulky but in a good way, I still have to take out some inserts that I won’t be using. I might have to add a couple of blank pages for my doodles and such. I like the pre-loaded inserts so I guess I won’t be buying new inserts for now. But I am excited to get new stickers and stamps and ink pads to use on this. *coughchristmasgiftcough* Hahaha! Kidding. Let’s begin with the unboxing.

Every unboxing should start with a photo of the box.
Don’t you just love the package design?

We are greeted with a beautiful golden “Hello!” :D

Isn’t it pretty? This is the color that I like for my room ceiling too!


The inserts:

Other inclusive:

I am really excited to use this planner. I will post more decent photos when I get to design the pages with washi tapes and stamps. I think I need to get a nice pen that will go with my planner too. :”>

Let’s create magic!


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