Joannie & Mimi School x GetFiled!

It’s almost the end of the year, but I still haven’t found my perfect planner for 2016! I needed something fun and I won’t get bored on. I have this tendency to discontinue on using my planners in the middle of the year. :( I was thinking of a 6-ring planner/organizer but I couldn’t decide on the color yet. Yes. I am very picky with colors. But when I see something that I like, I know that I just have to get it.

And since my artistic brain cannot decide on which color… it decided that I should get the Scribbler 2016 planner by Filed. It’s so colorful that I couldn’t take my off of it when I saw in on Instagram. Of course, I just had to get it. Luckily, Filed has tied up with Joannie and Mimi for a Watercolor Floral Workshop, which includes the planner in the workshop kit too! Hooray! I am in great need of refreshing my watercolor skill too. It been a while since I last use it properly. :)

Before I show you a sneak peek of the Scribbler Planner 2016, let me share with you what happened during the workshop. It was held at the Filed HQ, along Congressional Ave. It’s an old house turned into office.

Here are the stuff we used during the workshop:
untitled-Imagine how we were excited to check out all the items!

Our kit includes a workshop guide, which covers the basics of watercolor.
Such pretty colors! Check out their Instagram for more watercolor designs.

Faber Castell was one of the sponsors. They provided us our workshop materials, watercolor, brushes, and pens.

The materials we use are very colorful. I still have to test the pens though.

Faber Castell was one of the colored pencil brands that used I during college. Their watercolor is new to me and I was hesitant at first if their watercolor would be vibrant. Check out my output during the workshop exercises:

Exercise in mixing colors:
The colors turned into nice pastel colors when it dried.
I like how mine turned out.

Believe me this was almost muddy when the colors are still wet.
Look how nicely it turned out when dried.

More exercises! A close up of the gradient wash we made.
I just let the colors bleed with each other.

The fun part! The flowers and leaves. There are two techniques shared to us. First, the banding technique – it was demonstrated by Joannie.
Basically, you just let the colors bleed.
Joannie also checked our works and gave feedback. :) I’m so happy! <3

Next technique was more detailed which was demonstrated by Mimi.
It was very easy follow and they made sure that each student understand the process.
We were given the actual photos and a rendered one too.
A more close up look of my output. I feel refreshed!

And that’s what we did during the workshop, but the fun part isn’t over yet! I still have the planner and a lot of freebies to share. Thank you so much sponsors!

The Sribbler Planner 2016:
Joannie wrote my name on it! :) Maka is the nickname I used online.

There are already samples available on bookstores
if you want to check out the planner physically but just in case here are few of the inside pages.
There are a lot of spaces to write and doodle on!

 The Scribler kit:
3 NeoFineliners & How-to Guide, and DIY bookmark!

More from the sponsors:
Hodge Podge Keychain, Create sticker, and discount coupon from Pensgalore.
There was also a giveaway from The Diff Concept, unfortunately I didn’t win.

Oh yeah, I must not forget – a postcard from Mimi aka Dollicandy! :)
So pretty!



The Diff Concept
Instagram: @thediffconcept

Faber Castell PH
Facebook: Faber Castell Philippines

Instagram: @GetFiled

Instagram: @HeyHodgePodge
Facebook: Hodge Podge



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