One Creative Planning Afternoon

I was just suppose to check out Maker’s Market in Estancia Mall with no plans of staying there for hours, but CraftMnl opened slots for a Creative Planning Demonstration. So I thought, why not join? It’s been years since I last had a decent planner and recently, I get bored easily with the planners available in bookstores. :( So I thought I needed a boost.

The demonstration was done by Chinky of Planners and Journals, and also part of the Philippine Planner Society. She very friendly, energetic and bubbly! Plus, she like the color Aqua! :D I like that color too but on a lighter shade, but imagine how my eyes grew with excitement when she showed us her planners! SOOOOO PRETTY! But I didn’t take photos of it though. I am too focused with the things she was showing to us.

There are stickers, washi tapes, clear stamps, stamp pads, punchers!

And this is us, can’t wait to get our hands on the materials, and staring at the cute stuff. :))

While we hold our excitement, she began her demonstration.
Two lucky ladies were able to have the pages she made!

And when it was our turn, look how messy we got!

It’s been a fun class. We were able to take home our works.
Look what I did! :D

Of course, a visit to an event like this won’t be completed without buying souvenirs!
I got soaps from Aimee’s Premium Soap. It’s a glycerine base soap, so it’s transparent.

Washi tapes samples from Planners and Journals by Craftee Dandee.

And my most favorite souvenir, is the scented soy candle from Scentido.

Please support our local arts and crafts community by buying from them. The items from the Maker’s Market are perfect for gifts!


Maker’s Market PH
Planners and Journals
Aimee’s Premium Soap


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