Life After Breakfast 5th Year Anniversary

November is a very artsy-crafty month for me, and last thursday, I got lucky enough to be able to join Alessa Lanot’s carving stamp workshop! Best part is that it’s free. I am so grateful! It was part of the 5th year anniversary of Life After Breakfast, a thanksgiving of sort. :)
I took the 8pm-10pm class. Alessa is very friendly, accomodating. This was my first workshop with her and I am planning to join her future workshops too.

The class was held in Pipino, a vegan restaurant along Malingap, Maginahawa. It’s right above the Pino restaurant, but the entrance is at the right side at the back of the compound.
The menu is very interesting, 100% meat free! I tried their Taro chips and it’s delicious, thin and crispy. I will come back here, for sure.


I wasn’t able to take much photos of the place, it’s quite small but will be able to accomodate around 20-25 pax. It’s actually cozy and very art-oriented.

Now the photos from the workshop session! :D Of course, we started with the introduction of ourselves. I am getting the hang of it, as I expected it now to happen in all of the workshop I am participating in. (I am a very shy person…at first. Hahaha!)

*Please forgive my crappy phone camera shots*

A workshop kit was given to us, with a guide printed on the envelope. The kit includes; 1) Rubber Eraser Block, 2) Cardboard, as cutting mat, 3) Tracing paper, and 2) Two sheets of paper for stamp testing. The Speedball Lino cutter, regular cutter, and the pencil were for workshop use only.


Before we started with the actual carving, things like basic were, of course, discussed to us. A demo in each tables were done too, for us to see closer.
After that, we were given the time to choose the design that we wanted and trace it onto the rubber eraser. Since, I recently got autumn leaves as souvenirs, I went on to creating those for mine.


My design was very small, I think this is around 2in x 2in. Because of that, I got confused while carving! I almost ruined it. Almost. My untested stamp looked like it’s been massacred. :(( It was suppose to be all removed outline negative but I turned one into an outline (positive).


I was so afraid that I have ruined it, but to my surprise – it actually worked! Ta-dah! Whew! I almost thought that I won’t be able to finish it too.


By the way, I only used the regular cutter for this one. I cannot control the lino cutter very well, I only used it twice to get a piece out of the carved areas.

We were also given a small notebook to stamp on! Huhu! I am so happy! *o*


When the workshop ended, people stayed for a bit to try the different stamps on the stamping stations. I now regret not buying a tote bag to stamp on! :(( Next time, I must not forget.

I can’t wait for the future workshops that I’ll be joining from her class!
Thank you so much for giving me an opportunity to refresh my carving skills! <3

 —————– What I found before the workshop  —————–

My best friend and I was an hour early for the workshop…so we looked for a place to stay first and we found this!
Dorissimo Breadery, it’s along Malingap, Maginhawa too!
They are the ones who took the old spot of Ally’s All-Day Breakfast.


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