Watercolor Swatches

You know how much of a hoarder an artist could be?
Like one medium is not enough?
That feeling when you see something new and you just got to try it?
Or it’s just because your professor asked you to buy it for the class?

I am guilty as charged. I have tons of coloring materials, sketch notebooks and brushes on my desk. 3/4 of my desk is covered by it. But I am trying my best to use them once in a while, like checking if they still work or something.

Since it’s been raining the whole weekend – which I pretty much just slept on… I got an urge to dig up on all of my watercolors and do some swatches – AT THE LAST MINUTE!

Here’s what I got, an old PRANG WATERCOLOR, I believe I bought this at The National Bookstore. This is the old packaging, you open the covers on each side of the sets. I love this more than the new packaging, I find those bulky.
As you can see below, it’s been used and messy. Would you believe that I have this with me for more than 8 years now? It’s still in good condition and still moist. The colors are still vibrant, except for the white and the darker orange.

1-4732 1-4735

Next, is my Royal Talens – VAN GOGH, I got this one as a birthday present. Lucky Me! It is fairly new and my most favorite of all. This is the 12 + 3 version. Convenient for travels. It also comes with a brush and a detachable palette. Awesome! It is semi-moist too.
You can find this on Fullybooked, Greenbelt 5.

1-4729 1-4731

I just recently learned about the Nicholson’s PEERLESS TRANSPARENT WATERCOLOR. It’s basically watercolor compressed on a cardboard paper. I got this set when I attended a workshop by Jane Gaspar. These are the colors found on the basic set, the cardboard for each color is bigger than this. I just have to cut it into smaller sizes in order not to waste it if accidents happen. I love the colors, for me this is the easiest to carry around, although, I won’t recommend it if you are going to do large paintings. It’s a hassle when you run out of watercolor. :((
You can check this out at http://www.ArtWhale.ph

1-4738 1-4740

Lastly, The Simbalion 36 color palette. It is very much in demand that even National Bookstore runs out of stocks. I’m just lucky to find an online seller who has limited stocks. I wanted to have this because of the palette colors, it looks good in the photos. Hahaha, plus Jane told me that it’s actually good. This is my first time to try it. I love the colors, it’s vibrant and I don’t have to mix that much. However, I might not be a fan of the chalky pastel type texture. I think I still prefer the semi-moist ones. But this is a good alternative for practice. (And again, it looks good in photos flat lays!)

1-4722 1-4725

That ends my watercolors stash, for now. Hahaha, I’m looking forward to have the CMYK’s of Dr. PH Martin’s concentrated watercolors, Joanne’s Bright Peerless watercolor set, and the PASS Hybrid watercolor-gouache by Shin Han Art. You can never have too many art materials. ;)

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