Katipunan Art Festival 2015!

I decided to go to the first Katipunan Art Festival, which was held in Esteban Abada St., Katipunan.
I didn’t take plenty of photos during the event as I wanted to experience the event more. Below are the photos.

At the Ninyo Fusion Cuisine and Wine Lounge: The Booths were at the vacant lot outside of the restaurant.
The Demo area was there too with the booth tables.


Busy people at the booth tables.


Live demo of Rubbercutting by the Philippine Association of Printmakers – Gello & Mars Bugaoan.

Rubbercut art by Gello; I was assisted by Mars in printing mine on paper. :)
I need to have this framed.


Painting Nature – Wiji Lacsamana; Botanical Doodle – Alessa Lanot


Hey Kessy art stuff at their shop

Other photos from the event, there’s the Tweed and Twine, I love their marbled notepad, and Sunday Paper but they don’t have their 300 GSM watercolor paper.

What is the fun part in going to an art fait? Art stuff hoarding! I got myself, 1.) Nicker Gouaches from Art Whale PH, I forgot to buy a white color. 2.) The washi tape, designed by Abbey Sy is from Hey Kessy. 3.) The “My Lettering Progress Keeper” from canson has its cover designed by Abbey Sy, plus, I get to be the first buyer! 4.) Tweed & Twines marble’s notepad, yes, I am not able to resist.


I am very thankful to the people who made this event happen because I am able to see a lot of great artists & their works, plus some friends whom I haven’t see in a long time. THANK YOU! :)

We also dropped by The Common Room earlier, and here are some of the items they are selling.
Ceramic pieces by Iori Espiritu, Craft Central inks, paper, & brushes, and most of all they now carry the Zig Kuretake brush pens.

And this wraps up my whole afternoon affair in Katipunan Art Festival.
Hope they’ll have another one next year. :)


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