Sharemovement’s Worskhop Party!

Weekend has been fruitful and meaningful as
Share Movement celebrated its 2nd birthday with a Workshop Party!

But before anything else, let me tell you a little something about the movement. Share Movement is founded by Jam Pangilinan who believes that all people have the capacity to share, big or small.
What she does is organize workshops like photography, lettering, watercolor etc. All proceeds goes to their beneficiary, the Joseph Feeding Mission, an organization that aims to feed the hungry.

It was only this year when I joined the movement as a contributor. I fully support her mission because I see that she does it with passion and sincerity. Plus, the workshops are very interesting. I can’t wait to see how far Share Movement will reach in the future!
What I also love about this movement, is they welcome me as me. No questions or whatsoever. :)

Now to the event, of course it’s Jam who welcomed us. I wish you could hear her talk, it’s very inspiring. :)
DSCF4353The lovely ladies behind the successful workshop party. :)

There were five speakers, that’s Kisty Mea, Reese Lansangan, Ginger De Guia, Raniel Hernandez & Rhiza Oyos. All of their topics were very interesting, my favorite ones were from Ginger’s watercolor workshop and Rhiza’s Inspiring words. But  I also love Kisty’s the art of blogging, Raniel’s mobile photography & Reese’s kawaii fashion talk. :D

Here are some photos that I took during the Basic Watercoloring workshop. Yes, I love art. I’m actually into watercoloring lately and lettering. I like how the colors are mixed and splattered on paper.

And a sketch I did while Kisty’s talking. I’m spelled her name wrong. >_< Sorry!
DSCF4372We are very grateful to our sponsors too! It’s been really a great birthday-workshop party! The venue was provided by TROMS, The Rock Of My Salvation, a christian community.
DSCF4332Mabby Makes, provided us with the party needs like the little buntings and centerpieces. Cute and colorful things and setups!

Thanks to the workshop party, I discovered Merry Macarons and St. Hale Cookies!
Take note that I am very choosy with macarons and I instantly like Merry Macarons. I just had to take a lot of photos! if you check out their facebook page, you’ll see that they do customized macarons, like Minions & Rilakumma!
While St. Hale’s Torced Cookie Burger is a not your regular smore cookies. The marshmallow is torched and melted on the spot, you could taste a little bit of bitterness, the sweetness of the chocolate and a pinch of salt. Yum! Sadly, they don’t do delivery orders, but they do go on Cookie Gigs! I wonder how I will catch them when I crave for one?

There is also Lovelots Cakes’s sugar cookies, and Pluma‘s giveaway Totebags and little coin purse.

And here’s the whole list of the sponsors.

I am proud to be part of the Share Movement.


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