Food Illustration and Watercolor Workshop

Last Saturday, August 15, 2015, Jane had a workshop on Food Illustration and Watercolor. It was held in Cool Beans at Maginhawa. We had a corner reserved for the group. I had Chicken Pesto Panini and Raspberry iced tea, but I had to wait until we start sketching the food before I could taste it.

For the workshop, I got the premium set, which includes: 8-pan Simbalion Watercolor; Peerless Watercolor, Round brush, Rigger brush, Flat brush, Kneaded eraser, 3 Pens & 1 Pencil, Mixing Palette, 2 postcard size cold press watercolor paper, and 2 Travel size sketch pad.

Please see the bottom part of this post for the links of sponsors.

This is a steal! Especially for me who would want to try the Simbalion watercolor and the peerless watercolor!
Also each tools were discussed and explained. Here are some more photos for a closer look!

Before we could start painting on anything, Jane asked us to activate our watercolor first and do some swatches. I love the Peerless film! It’s so vibrant that a piece of it will go a long way!

We were asked to use the big round brush which am not very fond of using but I had fun coloring with it during the exercises. The first set of exercise are the different kinds of techniques we could use. We had the wet on wet, Wet on dry, Tissue blot, Scratch, Dermatograph, Ink wash & Ombre effect.

DSCF4204Now, for the fun part! By the time the discussion have finished, our orders were served but before we could eat it, we have to draw it first! Jane also explained to use the One point Perspective (I think that’s what its called.) I did have a Perspective subject back in college but up to now, I’m still having a hard time doing the ellipses! Ugh, the circles weren’t always perfect.

 Here are some of the participants working on their illustrations. :)

Aside from the Food Illustrations, Jane also taught us how to creating simple flowers in watercolor. This was the last part of the workshop. I forgot to take a picture of the whole group but I think Jane has one. :)


Also, Lauren Villarama of Urban Sketchers Philippines, gave us a glimpse of what Urban Sketching is. She invited us on their next Urban Sketching walk on StrEat Maginhawa, on August 22, 2015 at 5pm – 8pm. It’s going to be a night of sketching, talking with other artists; walking and eating. :) “SEE THE WORLD ONE DRAWING AT A TIME”

LINKS on Instagram:
Jane Gasper – @eat_eggs_lunch
Cool beans – @coolbeans_ph
Dolcesonline – @dolceonline
Art Whale – @artwhaleph

Urban Sketchers – Blogspot | Facebook Group |


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